PHALLOSAN® forte is a unique and patented penis extender that was invented in Germany in 2001. It is used on the side with a soft orthopedic belt. The extender was approved by the FDA and sold in pharmacies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Order PHALLOSAN only on the official website of Swiss Sana based in Germany. Beware of fake dealers or discounted components.

Price and discount

There is only 1 package available and it has a shipping price of $ 339 + $ 25 (USD). There aren’t any discount coupons for this product. there’s not even a “coupon” field within the payment form.

Update (until 2018): for a limited time, get 4 additional condom covers with the link above.

Is PHALLOSAN right for you?

In general, PHALLOSAN stands out from other extenders because it can be worn more comfortably, especially while you sleep. It is perfect for beginners (those who never used PE tools before) and if the size of their penis is <7 inches or not hanging properly. You will see your initial results within several weeks.

Alternatively, if the size of your penis is larger than 7 inches, observe these options:

  • The most traditional newest extender: Penimaster PRO (read our review here).
  • The oldest and traditional generic extender: SizeGenetics (read our review here).
  • If you want to focus more on GIRTH, check out the water-based penis pump: Hydromax (we review it here).

Read the opinions of the clients below (you can write one yourself). Then read our skilled review where our volunteer personally used PHALLOSAN for pretty much a year and compared it to the traditional water pumps and extenders.

Customer Reviews

by Victor Rogers on To Get Rid
Great suction!

I can not say anything about the BM products, but I can say that the Penomet is sacred. You can not suck this bomb !!!
I ordered the Premium package last Thursday and it arrived on Tuesday, shipping quite fast to Canada. It comes with the new 3.0 gaitors and the new comfort strap.
The weakest leggings I'll ever use, but the blacks, grays, and reds have incredible power ... Red is incredibly very strong. I used it twice, and with the maximum pressure I can only keep it on for 7 minutes at a time. Gray, I can dress all day. Black is good just to warm up.

by Christopher Crawford on To Get Rid
High quality and easy to use

I get the package that includes the pump and the related accessories, it seems it made with high quality. When I use it, I feel a very strong suction even with medium leggings. I follow the consistent routine process, however, to keep it gain changing. My penis size increased by half an inch, and I only used this pump 3 times. Although I have not tried other devices I recommend you to purchase this device.

by David Thomas on To Get Rid
remarkable great result

I have been using this now for a year and I must say that it seems to work for me. I was born with a small penis and, although I never had any complaints from partners, I wanted to see if I could improve.

I started 3.3 inches flaccid and 4 and a half inches erect. After using the device for a total of 100 hours, I have now gained half an inch flaccid and erect 5 and three quarters, plus the circumference has increased substantially!

This has made me want to continue with the device, and actually, it gives me great pleasure to use it. When I am on and adjusted to the maximum, I get a length of more than six inches, only when I take it off, it falls. I use it for at least an hour or more and I have started using it under my jeans at work, the only annoyance is if I have to lean, apart from that it's fine. My only advice to anyone is to continue with that. Take time

by Kevin Robinson on To Get Rid
At first doubts but it just works

I can say I felt a lot of doubt at first, but with time it really works, but it really works. When I got mine, I used my extender for 14-18 hours a day for 3 weeks and gained half an inch in length and girth.

I'm using the next size, and I'm excited to see what the results are after one year. If you feel a need to stop using the device, do not be afraid, just stop. And gradually work to use longer bars.

You do not have to buy the Sizegenetics brand. You can get Quick Extender Pro or even go to eBay and buy one for less than $ 20. It made me feel safer
It makes me feel more confident in particular with a girl.

by Richard Wright on To Get Rid
just continue to lead you in circles

Unfortunately, the company that provides this product is a total disgrace
- The first thing: the product. the strap supplied with the device is uncomfortable. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it's unusual pressure that has been put on the penis.

I can not use it for more than 5 consecutive minutes.
- and the Second is the Deceptive quality. Yes, they claim to be better than their eBay and Alibaba alternatives for $ 10, but that is not the case. The device is made of simple plastic, and I do not think it's worth $ 300.
- And the last thing, thank God I received the refund because it was not easy. I was on the phone with them for hours and I sent more than 10 emails back and forth. They just continue to lead you in circles.

Why not invest in a quality device such as PeniMaster PRO or PHALLOSAN forte?

My professional review

I bought and tested the PHALLOSAN® forte kit (on behalf of ToGetRid) from the official PHALLOSAN website. This review will cover everything from delivery, unpacking, use, and results (more than 6 months of use).

PHALLOSAN® device manufactured by Swiss Sana. It is a company that has existed for 14 years and has incredible customer service. The questions were answered professionally and quickly. There is also a 2-year warranty on all parties.

Why choose PHALLOSAN forte?
Many of the penis extenders are uncomfortable, use lower quality materials, break quickly or even do not fit properly. Phallosan forte is the most comfortable extender you can wear.

The Phallosan Extender can be used safely while sleeping in almost any posture position. I do not recommend exclusively Phallosan forte, but it is one of the only extension length devices that are extremely comfortable and convenient for daily use.

By keeping your penis moderately stretched, a slight resistance slowly breaks the tissue of the penis. After a suitable recovery time, your penile tissue will grow bigger, stronger and LONGER. This is similar to manual penile stretching, but the duration is significantly longer. Phallosan performs a moderate manual stretching for several hours.

Like weight lifting, the reaction of the penis tissue is the same strength as stretching in exercise. When Phallosan fatigues the tissue of the penis it’s time to let it recover, it will get bigger.

Alternatives: PHALLOSAN versus regular extenders
Phallosan Forte is not like a traditional penis extender. It does not have any of the mechanical components and straps for the head of the penis that squeezes it uncomfortably. All parts are also very soft since there are no metals. With Phallosan, the pressure is applied through the condom to each part of your penis and hold it in place.

Phallosan is connected using a vacuum cup (the “bell”) that fits tightly over the head of his penis, along with a soft rubber layer similar to a condom that rolls easily over the shaft of the penis. The bell does not use physical friction because it creates a vacuum to hold the penis. The vacuum cleaner lasts at least 4 hours, at that time it is most likely that you go to the bathroom and need to reconnect the device. Compared to traditional extender it can be a resting game for long periods of time. The most popular alternative of “traditional style” is the SizeGenetics extender, read our review here.

SizeGenetics is best suited for penis sizes larger than 6 inches or more. And it should also be well-hung. It’s obvious why it’s related to the design. Larger penises easily adhere to the head of SizeGenetics, and the stretch will be similar to that of Phallosan, but without the belt, making the device simpler and smaller. This is just a different design, and everyone would have a personal preference. The most advanced users even choose to have both devices to alternate the strapping method or use one during the day and the other at night.

Is PHALLOSAN forte comfortable?

OF CORSE, it is. I can use nearly all day, almost every day, without any pain, and without the head of my penis coming out. The PHALLOSAN Forte can also be used when I’m sleeping, something I’ve tried to do with SizeGenetics but it can not last more than two hours without smoothing or pain.

Comfort is essential since your earnings depend on the amount of time you use any penis extension device. Therefore, a more comfortable extender will provide you with better gains. I think the PHALLOSAN device wins at this point

With Phallosan, putting it on and taking it off is also much faster than traditional extenders. Those who have used the expander regularly in the past are familiar with the tedious routine involved in the process. The hood of the vacuum is very easy and quick to install without a slide.

the sleeve condom is sort of skinny however terribly soft and comfortable. During my 6 months of use, the condom is still in almost perfect condition, but if something is going to break first and needs a replacement, it will be the condom. Replacement condoms cost $ 26.90, which is not much compared to the total price of the device. I used my condom covers for around 600 hours, and they are still fine.

Results (after 6 months of use)

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have been using PHALLOSAN for more than 6 months, for 7 hours every two days (to give some recovery time). I combine daily use more intensively but also try during sleep. I know I could use the device more often at this time (every day, for example), but my daily routine and my work make it very difficult.

I’ve never used enlargement tools or pumps before. The initial length of the erect penis was 5.3 inches. 6 weeks of use gained me 1 inch. But as the company said, “Gaining The first inch is the easiest.” now,

Although I have not gained much time after the first inch, I feel that the results are much more permanent. The first inch was gone after a few days of rest. But now, my earnings stay longer. I have not taken long breaks because I really enjoy using the device.

PHALLOSAN recommends a total of 1000 hours to see remarkable results. So far I’ve invested about 600 hours, the importance of achieving the purpose for which we use the device is just as important as the comfort level. Any extender used for a reasonable period of time will give you results (even manual stretching). So, The first focus needs to be comfortable and so for me, it does the job.

Inside the package

The first factor I noticed once opening the package is that the tutorial videodisc, the user guide and also the circumference measuring device. There is also a personally signed certificate with the name of who verified all the elements to follow the PHALLOSAN quality standards.

  • Adjustable elastic belt (with a soft rubber foam ring) that is tied around your waist, connected to the suction ball.
  • Suction ball with a 3-way valve to suck the air from the suction hoods.
  • Suction bells in 3 sizes (S, M, and L), each one comes with attached condom covers. Measure your flaccid penis size with the included circumference measurement tool to find which suction bell fits you.
  • Protective cap for your penis glans to protect it from strong tensions and irritations.
    The tension clip with tension springs shows how much tension there is and allows you to adjust it.

Delivery and packaging

The forte packaging of PHALLOSAN is completely discreet. On the outside of the box, there are no graphics or words that imply anything about the nature of the content. Even the invoice does not contain any reference to the product.

Final thoughts

PHALLOSAN forte is an excellent extender that will enjoy dressing every day (or evenings). It adapts closely to any penis size due to its flexible design. We recommend that you first read about traditional extenders such as SizeGenetics here, and see if the PHALLOSAN design is more suited to your needs. In terms of results, it depends more on how long you will use the device, rather than the device itself.

Where to buy?

IMPORTANT: Be sure to buy PHALLOSAN forte only from its official website (or directly from your purchase page). There are many fake and fake resellers who pretend to be the PHALLOSAN® website. They may offer a lower price but they will give you a lower quality product or they will simply abuse your credit card.

Video instructions: how to use will come very soon!

Personally, I find that the device is very easy and quick to put on and take off when I have to urinate.

Remember that PHALLOSAN is only part of your general routine. Be sure to do basic physical education exercises before and after using this extender. We recommend jelqing (read our guide to learning how to use jelq) as a manual exercise.

Should I choose a penis pump instead?

The extenders point mainly to the LENGTH, not to the circumference. The pumps focus on both. However, with Phallosan, you will see more permanent results because you can use it for several hours every day. With the bombs, you only have a few minutes.

As a beginner (first user), Phallosan will be a great device that you can use comfortably and get results very soon. Over time, the results you see will be more permanent than those obtained with the pumps, Because the amount of time spent with the extender is much longer than the pump time uses. We highly recommend it.

If you really cannot decide between an extender or a pump, use this advice: the length before the circumference. So, if the size of your penis is smaller (less than 6 inches), first get the length. If it is bigger, use a pump.

The most advanced users choose to use both: a pump in the shower and an extender throughout the day. In this way, they maximize both the circumference and the length. Read our review of the Bathmate hydro pump here.

Package update

In September 2017, PHALLOSAN has updated the packaging of its product. They also added an additional protective cover (so there are 2 in total), and a travel bag to carry the forte parts of Phallosan.


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