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  • Increase penis size naturally
  • 100,000 known satisfied users
  • Wide variety of stresses & accessories
  • First glint after 7 days
  • Fix the curvature of the penis


  • Discomfort First time experience.
  • Available just online for purchasing.
  • Can't urinate, masturbate or have sex while using.
  • Results are very individual
  • Long time a relative to your personal desire


A natural way to increase penis size

Jes Extender is a penis enlargement device that has been on the market for more than 20 years and was originally developed mainly for a natural way to treat Peyronie’s disease, a condition defines by irregular twisting of the penis.

Visit the official Jes extender device website for the latest update and for exact Jes extender prices.

Be careful of links and fake resellers with lower Jes extender prices and adds for Jes extenders coupon.

Jes Extender is known as a natural way to increase penis size and is the earliest among the new modern expanders device that treats penis enlargement needs. The extender received his name from Jes Bech Mueller, the founder, and CEO of the Danish producer DanaMedic ApS, producer of Jes Extender. In 1994, Müller collaborated with the Danish surgeon Jorn Ege Siana to develop this device.

The main extenders devices in the market are SizeGenetics (you can read our SizeGenetics review here).
As well SizeGenetics looks the same as Jes Extender, and MaleEdge, Considered as the second-generation of penis expander that was available in the market at 2008.

Jes Extender has a European CE mark as a medical device of Class 1, which makes it safe for home use. jes extender is the only approved device for penis enlargement by the TGA (Management of therapeutic products) In Australia. DanaMedic ApS stated that Jes extender has an unfinished registration with the US Food and Drug Administration.

What is JES Extender?

Doe’d Jes Extender really can increase penis size naturally

A natural way to increase penis size, increase penis size naturally, how to make my peni bigger fastMen’s from all over the world want a bigger penis, and Jes Extender is a device that makes this possible!

More than 15 years ago, a man named Jess Muller was commissioned to create a device for penis enlargement. As well it was intended for men who had just undergone an operation on the penis, for example, to straighten the penis or enlarge it.

After these operations, the ligament of the penis will contract in the body and cause a contraction. doctors wished associate degree extension of the member to prevent it throughout the surgical period.

Jess Muller based his project on the practice of penis enlargement, which has been used for a many hundreds years in some African cultures.

The men hung stones from their penises to obtain longer and thicker penises. Jess modernized this idea with his ultra-comfortable and precisely controlled penis extender.

When experts verified, Jes Extender in clinical trials, realized that this device has incredible suitable to any men wish to treat his Dissatisfaction with his penis and as non-surgical invasive and as a natural way to increase penis size. Patients with surgery did not solely have an enlarged penis, however additionally men WHO failed to bear surgery.

The reason why Jes Extender increases the size of the penis is a penis “training workflow”. Just like when you lift weights, the stretch caused by Jes Extender produces small tears on your penis. These tears locate at the cellular level and are very painless and hidden.

As with lifting weights, your body reacts to tears, filling them with new cells. Your cells are replicating, and your penis will be a little bigger. You will not notice the increment in size immediately.

However, if you use Jes Extender regularly, you will quickly see that your penis is getting longer and more complete. For 6 months, men experience an average increase of 28% in length and an increase of 18% in circumference.

In 1995, Jes Extender was approved as a medical device and placed on the market. Since then, it has been used by more than 300,000 men around the world for a safe and simple penis enlargement to increase penis size naturally.

Despite the fact that dozens of other penis extensions have entered the market, Jes Extender remains one of the best penis enlargement devices available and offers only the best quality to increase penis size naturally.

Compared to similar penis extensions, you can count on Jes Extender to get results. It comes with a 200% money back guarantee. So, if you do not get results, you actually get your money back from Jes Extender.

Because Jes Extender is incredibly comfortable and easy to use, there’s no reason why you should not use Jes Extender to increase penis size naturally!


According to DanaMedic official, the Jes Extender device offers the main following benefits:

  • It can increase penis size naturally, length and girth of your penis up to 28% without the need for a surgical intervention.
  • there are More than 100,000 known satisfied users with the Jes Extender device.
  • There is a wide variety of stresses that applied throughout growth activities. A typical range is from 900 to 1500 grams, but the maximum limit is 4000 grams.
  • The first glint of a sign of penis growth is very fast and can be noticed within the first seven days after use.
  • In addition to increasing the size, the Jes Extender can also fix the curvature of the penis, especially Peyronie disease natural treatment that Can Be Treated with Jes-Extender!
  • and it’s a natural way to increase penis size Without surgical intervention.

Jes Extender has undergone clinical testing. The Danamedic Jes extender official website contains a short description and links to some studies.

Jes Extender Reviews by Customers 

Jes extender reviews that were submitted by Jes Extender veteran users

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How does Jes extender work

Jes Extender has known as a painless, non-surgical way to increase penis size naturally in the process of traction.

Simply put, the pull is stretched. When the penis is In a relaxed state is applied to a stable, gentle dose of stretching, Jes Extender uses the ability of the body tissues to enlarge under stress. Setting a voltage between a force of 900 to 1500 g will stretch your penis beyond its current length.

Over time, cells will divide and multiply in response to continuous stress. This natural action process is called Cytokinesis. As a result, cells grow with a big amount of quantity, and the size of the tissue increases, Which is reflected in the form of an increase in the size of the penis. Although the winnings occur mostly in length, there is also an increase in girth.

Thrust is an old process, and it is the same mechanism that the body uses for broken bones and grafted skins.

Jes Extender Parts

Jes Extender consists of 4 units:

  • An adjusted comfortable ring that fits the base of the penis.
  • the base ring connected to two main spring-loaded bars. The length of the bars is adjusted depending on your most well-liked tension.
  • A frontal piece that along with comfortability it supports the head of the penis (glans). Once the anatomical structure has been secured in place, this part keeps the penis in an immobile position because the actual extension is allowed to happen. depending on the package, there are several choices offered to tie the glans on the front piece. The comfort strap and also the silicone polymer tube for the traditional loop style are offered in all packages; Gold and platinum packages have a Velcro strap.
  • As well there are Additional elongation/enlargement bars. Depending on the package, these parts are included to accommodate your current penis length and the desired size.

How to use Jes Extender device

composition Setup

After assembling Jes Extender, here are the steps to use it:

  • Place your flaccid penis through the ring of the base and into the two elongation bars.
    Let the top of your penis(glans) resting on the front piece. Tie your head firmly but securely.
  • Rotate the elongation/enlargement bars to apply traction.
  • This will adjust the length of the device. be careful as the traction should not be too tight (it will cause damage to your glans) or too loose (you will not get any growth).
  • For complete instructions, see the included manual.

Sample Routine of using Jes Extender

newbie start with this sample routine:

PeriodRecommended TractionDaily Hours
Week 1 to 3900 grams1 to 4
Week 4 to 61200 grams4 to 6
Week 6 onwards1500 grams6 to 12


Once you master it, you’ll be able to currently use Jes as you wish, not simply throughout your free time. you’ll be able to wear it naked or with clothing, without anyone noticing that you simply are actually wearing it.

you’ll be able to use it to work, as long as your work isn’t physically demanding. you’ll be able to even use it while you sleep, as long as you do not turn a lot or while lying on your back.


  1. Jes Extender is very easy to assemble, comfort adjustable and can be easily configured to your needs.
  2. The comfort varies according to the user, but, in general, Jes Extender has no long-term comfort problems. you’ll have access to numerous of accessories included, such as comfort strap, velcro support, protection pad, and gauze and those are available depending on the package you will purchase.
  3. You can choose and adjust the tension, according to your objective and level of comfort.
  4. Jes Extender is discreetly packaged at the time of delivery.
  5. If you do not get the expected result within 1,000 hours during one year of use of the product according to the Jes extender instruction, DanaMedic offers you a 200% refund (money back guarantee) within.
  6. The extender can accommodate penises of different sizes and will work regardless of whether you are circumcised or not.
  7. Unlike surgeries and medications, Jes Extender has no side effects, as long as the device is used correctly.
  8. Jes Extender is made of high-quality materials. The cheaper packages have chrome steel rods, while the more expensive ones boast of gold-plated or platinum-plated materials. alternative components of the extender are made of medical grade hypoallergenic materials Which us a directs development to adapt the product to natural use and thus markets the product as the best natural way to increase penis size.


  1. While Jes Extender is generally comfortable, it is not uncommon for first-time users to experience discomfort. It is really recommended to use the protection accessories as the pad and different other device comfort accessories included in the package.
  2. Jes Extender available just online for purchasing and there are no local stores to purchase from (be aware from facking devices dealers as in Amazon, eBay etc).
  3. You can not urinate, masturbate or have sex while Jes Extender is on. If you’re the type of guy who always goes to the bathroom, it’ll be unpleasant to get rid of the device frequently.
  4. Results are very individual. As it depends on several many factors corresponding to age, genetics, physical condition, traction used and frequency of use, the degree of size increase is not uniform.
  5. The result of the enlargement and growth of the penis will take a long time a relative to your personal desire. While the manufacturer claims that the results are seen within the first seven days, it’s going to be months before it reaches the specified size. After all, growth will not happen quickly as the organs of the body develop slowly.
  6. While Jes Extender has proven to be effective, its design is already outdated. A common complaint with the design is that the individual strap is a constant source of slip and readjustment.
  7. The device is expensive There are different penis extenders that are cheaper and additional versatile.

Where to purchase

You can purchase Jes Extender just online on DanaMedic ApS official website (official Jes extender device website). Depending on your needs and budget, there are six options among which you can choose from

  • Light
  • Original
  • Titanium
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum.
  • The Jes-Extender light:

    • It comes with a comfort strap, a transparent silicone tube, 2-year warranty and access to an online instructional video, providing careful info on the penile traction methodology and the way to use the device. Note that this product can only be used in penis sizes up to 17 cm (6.7 inches).
  • The Original Jes-Extender:

    • Our best-selling product, the Jes-Extender Original comes in an elegant mahogany box. It comes with a strap to enhance the comfort of the front, transparent silicone tube, a set of keys, access to an online instructional video and a 2-year warranty. Suitable for penis sizes up to 24 cm (9.1 inches).
  • The Jes-Extender Titanium:

    • This product comes in an elegant aluminum flight case, so you can continue your extension program anywhere. It comes with an extra set of ½ inch elongation bars for super precise growth monitoring, front comfort straps, set of keys, access to an online instructional video and 2-year warranty. Suitable for penis sizes up to 24 cm (9.1 inches).
  • Silver Jes-Extender:

    • Clad in pure sterling silver, the Jes-Extender Silver is made with the best quality materials. Accessories include a comfort strap for the front, a set of keys, cohesive gauze and access to an online instructional video. The product has a 2 years warranty. For better results, this assessment comes with an extension that allows the continuation of the training program for a longer period of time to achieve better and more permanent results.
  • The Jes-Extender Gold:

    • Made of 24-carat gold, the Jes-Extender Gold is one of the highest quality penis enlargers available. Accessories include a front comfort strap, a set of keys, cohesive gauze, velcro strap and access to an online instructional video. It also comes with an extension kit and a spare kit that allows the continuation of the program for a longer period of time. The Jes-Extender Gold has a 2-year warranty.
  • The Jes-Extender Platinum:

    • All metal parts of the Jes-Extender Platinum are coated with pure platinum, which is sent with a certificate of verification, as well as a 2-year warranty. It comes with a strap for the comfort of the front, a set of keys, cohesive gauze, velcro strap. It also comes with an extension kit and a spare kit that allows the continuation of the program for a longer period of time.

Common Jes extender accessories

All packages have these common main accessories:

  • 1 base ring, 1 silicone tube, 1 comfort strap, 1 protection pad and 1 instruction DVD.
  • 2 Spring bars: are attached to the base ring with a biological contour. These parts can be adjusted from 0 to 1500 grams of traction, with 800-1200-1500 indication indicators. The packages have different types of coatings.
  • 1 Dual-function front piece: this stand is compatible with the soft comfort strap, the velcro strap or the silicone tube for a traditional bow style.
  • 2 additional elongation bars 1 “/2.5cm: just like the spring-loaded bars, the construction material also depends on the package.

Unique Features

Here are the other features of theJes extender packages:

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

CharacteristicsJes Extender LightJes Extender OriginalJes Extender TitaniumJes Extender SilverJes Extender GoldJes Extender Platinum
BoxCardboardMahoganyAluminum FightboxMahoganyMahoganyLacquer finish wood case
Bar CoatingStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelSilver-coatedGold-platedPlatinum-coated
2”/5cm elongation bars244444
Set of tightening keysNo22222
0.5”/1.25cm elongation barsNoNo2222
Cohesive gauzeNoNoNo111
Velcro strapNoNoNoNo11
Warranty1 year2 years2 years5 yearsLifetimeLifetime
Price (shipping fee excluded)€179€199€219€249€299€1,000
Starting Penis SizeUp to 17cm (7”)Up to 24cm (9”)Up to 25cm (10”)Up to 25cm (10”)Up to 25cm (10”)Up to 25cm (10”)



  • shipping fee of €15.
  • Delivery takes
    • Canada 2-5 days.
    • EU 1-3 days.
    • Pacific region 2-5 days
    • US 2-5 days

Scientific studies

Four studies have been cited by DanaMedic on their website, which shows the effect of penis extenders on the size and curvature of the penis. However, it’s not explicitly stated that Jas Extender was the particular extender used in these studies.

In 1998, in the 1st. International interdisciplinary conference on the genitourinary surgical process in congenital, Transsexual and Impotence Malformations, Jesus co-developer Dr. Siana reported a 28% increase in penis size in 10 patients undergoing penile traction medical care. That takes a look at last twenty-four weeks.

A comparative study conducted by two doctors from the University of Turin, Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero, was published in the April 2011 edition of the British Journal of Urology.

The main point of the article is that, among penis enlargement techniques, “penis extenders represent the only evidence-based penile elongation technique.”

In an independent study conducted by urologist Wendy Hurn in 22 men diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, it was shown that penile traction can reduce the curvature of the penis by 20%. In addition, an increase in penis length ranging between 0.8 and 0.23 cm was also reported.

Another study conducted on 26 men with Peyronie’s disease has shown that, once six months of penile traction therapy, the average curvature is reduced from 49.8º to 28.7º. The average length also increased by 3.3 cm in the flaccid penises and 2.1 cm in the erect ones.

Results and recommendations

As one of the original penis enlargers on the market, there is a reason why Jes Extender remained relevant even with the advent of supplements and other penis enhancement products.

Jes Extender Before And After Pictures

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

Before usingAter using
jes extender photo before use - jes extender before and after picturesjes extender photo after use - jes extender before and after pictures


Jes Extender can generate size gains with zero side effects, as long as the product is used correctly. The only problem is that there is an initial discomfort for first-time users but you will feel very natural comfort. as this is the main goal of the company to let you a  natural way to increase penis size.

If you are the type of person who will give up frustration after using the extender for a week, then this device is not for you. The results vary among users, but in general, three months is what you will need to really notice an increase in size. Extend its use to six months to reach the maximum potential of this device.

We’ve heard that users extend usage beyond six months; Surprisingly, their penises still register some growth.

For patients who underwent penile surgery, they can also benefit from Jes Extender. Retraction of the penis is common after said procedure, so an extender can help restore the original size of the penis, you can even earn a little more. However, it is highly recommended to recover first before trying to use Jes Extender.

As we mentioned in the “How to use” section, it is important to start slowly. Once you feel comfortable with the device, you can now use it for 12 hours, for at least six months. Consistency is the key, so you should use the device regularly.

In the end, the good thing about Jes Extender is that you can choose when to use it, apply the precise traction that meets your needs and stop once you have reached your goal.

Why do men choose Jes Extender over other penis stretchers?

Doe’s Jes Extender Is The Best Way To Increase Penis Size Naturally?

Yes, it does! If you are just beginning to investigate the non-surgical enlargement of the penis or looking for increase penis size naturally, the choices can be very confusing.

Penis extenders are the only option if you want a permanent enlargement of the penis. There are many different brands of penis enlargers and they all work the same way and have similar devices.

However, there are some important differences between these brands that can make a difference in the experience of penis enlargement. These are just some of the ways in which Jes Extender is different from other penis extenders and why it is a good choice to increase penis size naturally.

The reputation of Jes Extender

Penis extenders seem to have existed forever. The truth is that they were not released until 1995 when a man named Jes Muller designed the first medical grade penis enlargement device.

That’s right, Jes Extender is the first penis extender ever available! After more than 15 years and more than 300,000 customers, Jes Extender has a better reputation than ever.

The customer satisfaction rate Jes Extender outperforms almost all other top penis extenders and have shown their dedication to quality and results.

Proven results

The extension of the penis has clinically shown that it increases the length and width of the penis. Just because the extension of the penis works, that does not mean that all penis extenders will get results.

The reason why some penis extenders do not work is that 1) they are too uncomfortable to use for the required time or 2) the tension is not established accurately enough to get results safely and/or quickly.

Jes Extender is one of the few penis extenders that has actually shown results. The reason why Jes Extender works much better than other penis extenders is that it has an adjustable tension level controlled with precision, which means you are getting the maximum best, fast results while remaining safe and comfortable.

Men do not have problems using Jes Extender due to the strap system (no leftovers!) To fasten your penis to the device. You can even use Jes Extender while you sleep or under loose clothing.

The best guarantee

Jes Extender has the best guarantee of any penis enlargement product on the market: 200% money back guarantee. Simply use Jes Extender for 1000 hours (approximately 6 months). If you have not obtained any results until then, you will receive double the amount you paid.

Jes Extender can offer this guarantee because they are not afraid as they know that their extension device gets results.

Extreme comfort

If you look at cheap penis extenders, you will notice that they use a silicone rope to secure your penis to the extension device. As you can probably imagine, the rope will squeeze unevenly against the head of your penis and cut off circulation.

Some of these cheap penis extenders can even be, mainly critical risky dangerous because they cutting off an instance of circulating and kill nerves! Instead of undergoing this torture, you should choose a quality penis extender such as Jes that uses a strap instead. With the Jes Extender system, you will hardly feel that you are using the device as your penis enlarges.

Jes Extender is also superior in comfort because it allows you to adjust the amount of tension to an exact level. That also means that you have more freedom to control your growth, so you get the best fast results you need, but, but without feeling any discomfort.

Why do some men get better results?

Jes Extender has proven that the average penis height is 28% of the length and 18% of the circumference for 6 months.keep in mind and do not forget that the results represent are average. this suggests that some men can improve results, whereas others – less.

There are many reasons why some men regain results with penis enlargement. In general, older men will not experience the same rapid growth, because their cells replicate more slowly. Some men genetically have a slower cell growth.

If you do not get enough nutrients and stay healthy, you will also get slower results with Jes Extender. Fortunately, this last aspect can be changed. By following these simple changes, using Jes Extender, you can provide the best results.

Drink more water!

If you do not drink as suggested when using Jes Extender, you will not get optimal results. This is because water is critical for all aspects of your health, especially for cell replication.

If your cells are dry out, they will not repeat so quickly, so you will have to wait longer until a noticeable penis enlargement appears. Add a few more glasses of water to your day, and you’ll see the optimal results of penis enlargement plus other benefits, such as improving erection and stamina.

Use Male Supplement

We don’t think that male supplements will not enlarge your penis permanently. However, they can maintain a constant increase in the penis, which results from an enlargement. Delivering your nutrients to the cells and increasing the blood flow to the penis, the cells of the penis to replicate faster, and you will get faster results using Jes Extender.

Many supplements designed available for men. However, there are other kinds of supplements that can also be helping penis enlargement. Look for additives with amino acids (protein building blocks), since they are crucial for cell growth.

Please, give up smoking!!!

Didn’t stop smoking for your general health? then give up for your penis. It is shown that smoking reduces the size of the penis by approximately ½ inch. This is because all these chemicals in cigarettes can damage cells and make them less able to contain blood.

In addition, the chemicals will cause your cells to replicate very slowly. Stop smoking when you start using Jes Extender, and you’ll get better results and other benefits, such as more complex erections, a healthier heart, and better sexual stamina.

It’s time to Start Exercising for 

Achieving excellent results from the Jes Extender device, you should have good blood circulation in your penis. Men with circulatory problems tend to get lower results than healthy men.

If you want it in the easiest way is just to start exercising. Don’t like physical and sweaty exercise? you can perform exercises on genitals such as jelqing, which is designed to help improve the blood flowing to your penis.

Remember that all people will experience different results using Jes Extender. However, people will experience any results! No! You do not need to change any aspect of your life to benefit from a larger penis with the Jes Extender, but a few simple changes can make a difference to get better and faster results.

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Side Effects










I don’t know what to say, I’m really confused. On many websites, * SIZE GENETICS * is placed as # 1. In others, it is * QUICKEXTENDER PRO *. And yet, many others also said * JES EXTEND * as # 1.

Like me, many of your other followers and readers are certainly looking for a true and impartial verdict. So, if you have to indicate a clear option, which I will definitely follow without thinking twice, what would be of * SIZE GENETICS *, * QUICKEXTENDER PRO * and * JES EXTENDER *.

Many Many thanks in advance.
I congratulate you for all the help you have given to help me choose the product that suits me best.

PS: a quick response will be greatly appreciated.

Author’s gravatar

Side Effects










My opinion is actually on the X4. I did not see a revision area of X4, although mechanically and functionally, Size Genetics and X4 seem to be very similar.

The problem with Extenders like these is that they are NOT comfortable! The base can press or dig into your scrotum. To help with this, I put a handkerchief on that side. that usually happens if the extender is informed down… If the extender is pointing up, it can dig into the upper part of the pubic bone.

Be very careful when you put on the straps don’t pinch. On the first day, I tried the rope and I didn’t like it at all. Since then I even have switched to the twin system that incorporates a rubber strap towards the center of the configuration and a velcro to the top.

I gave him only 3 stars because these devices are expensive and lack comfort. I guess I should say something positive: it seems to work. I can hide it under my sweatpants to wear it, and if I put it on, I can hide it under a thin coat.

Using it for a few hours, it may hurt. I just go to the bathroom, I take it off for a couple of minutes, I massage the area for 15 seconds and then I put it back on.I even have the Phalloson Forte and did a review, and it has its own issues.

Author’s gravatar

Side Effects










Today after a period of 5 months use the extender device. For now, I have become accustomed and putting the device is no longer a problem.

I have also been doing jelqing every two days. But now I’m looking to purchase a pump in the next few days. I think Hydromax enlargement tool would be a great device for me.

As for my results, I have gained 0.5 inches in general. I think, in my opinion, that this is a quite good device or at least average. The best, I think from my experience that I get much better erections. Having the penis extended for an extended period of time makes gain an erection very easy.

Author’s gravatar

Side Effects










My flaccid penis is now more than an inch longer, and his head is also bigger. The only meter I have is that it’s so difficult to use the extender day by day. Jes Extender without doubt works, however, you need to be committed to the process to a achieve effect.

Author’s gravatar

Side Effects










I recently bought Jes Extender, hoping I could add half an inch to my 6 “x5” penis. Well, it seems maybe I expected too much.

As recommended, I started slow, just an hour the first day. I constantly raised the amount of hours until the third day. the strain I used never more than 900 grams.

After 4 days, everything seems normal. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking that I do not get the usual erection when I wake up. For the rest of that day, it was hard for me to maintain my erection, plus it does not happen spontaneously. I think this is due to an overwork in my penis and constant worry when the penis is not in its normal mode.


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