Read about Chordee and post-surgical recovery method.

Jes-Extender is recommended to further assure the result at the recovery stage and prevent the potential shrinkage.

Jes-Extender and treatment of Chordee

Chordee is also a condition of the curvature of the penis, which occurs at the head of the penis, where the head of the penis bends up or down and is most evident during an erection.

The cause of Chordee is not 100% known and could be reduced to congenital abnormalities, or some men can notice the deformity once they reach sexual maturity. Unlike Peyronie’s disease, there is usually no pain, but it can cause some discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The most common treatment is surgery, that comes with the chance of penile contraction once the operation. Therefore, it is often recommended to use a penile traction device, such as Jes-Extender, for postoperative recovery and as an auxiliary device to ensure a more direct result.

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