ToGetRid has been providing sexual health advice for men for more than 4 years. We are settled in California and focus on collecting and organizing data, releases, and updates of male improvement tools.

We started by providing assistance for unqualified Americans in the state of California, to help them access the best tools. Today, we mainly test the quality of the product and collect customer opinions about existing products.

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Insurance Coverage & Updates

  • In the past, ToGetRid was able to help provide insurance coverage for some of the tools offered on the website. The requirements became much stricter now (as of 2018).
  • If you’ve got a medical condition, ask your doctor to dictate the appropriate medications.
  • don’t follow the recommendation on this website and consult a medical professional source.
  • At ToGetRid we constantly look for new male enhancement products to provide you with the latest comparisons and medical safety information. We are testing and updating information on current pumps and penis extenders in the market.
  • Through tests, we discovered that to obtain optimal results, you must use a pump and an extender simultaneously. That is to say: As much as you can do shower immerse for 20 minutes on a daily basis and use an extender for many hours as you can under your pants or while you sleep. See our description of male enhancement.


All the pumps are quite similar, thus it comes all the way down to that of the pumps you wish to use the most. The force of the pressure is the same. We recommend the Hydromax hydro pump (formally known as Bathmate). The version that suits you will depend on several personal preferences, as we mentioned in our reviews.


There are 2 main popular types of extenders in the market. The traditional extenders extend your penis forward and downward. Specialized extenders extend it sideways with the assistance of a vacuum attachment. the most effective alternative available for you depends on when and how you attempt to use the extender.

If you wish to wear it while you sleep, we highly recommend you to explore for Phallosan extender device. But if you think you’ll use your device most often during the day, you can go with any of them. we tend to review all popular extenders therefore you know the pros and cons of every device and the accessories related to:

SizeGenetics Phallosan Forte Penimaster Pro Quick Extender Pro

We encourage you to send your own photographs and reviews after you have tried the products. This will help future buyers to decide which pump or extender to obtain. We have many other products for men’s health and other medical conditions.


We review and carefully test the best male enhancement pills. There are 2 categories Here are the most popular erection enhancers:

VigRX Plus
Read our reviewRead our reviewRead our review

And here are the best Semenax boosters (these also improve erections):

Volume Pills
Read our reviewRead our reviewRead our review

The two previous categories are not mutually exclusive. The volume of semen and sexual desire are closely related, therefore, do not exclude pills according to the tables above.

The above pills use a unique formula of natural ingredients approved by the FDA. These are not medicines. We invite you to buy the supplements separately to obtain a similar effect.

However, the manufacturer has investigated with the appropriate doses to provide the best effect.

Physical exercises

Among the physical education exercises, be sure to do the proper stretches.

Read our new jelqing guide.

Recently added

We have new recommendation after we finished checking and reviewing the Jes Extender.

Both devices Jes Extender and Male Edge were manufactured by DanaMedic.

Jes Extender was introduced in 1994 and was the first penis extender ever invented and patented.

Male Edge is a new cheaper by-product created by the same manufacturer.